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Can you believe there is just 9 weeks left until Christmas! 😲
I will be sharing 4 unique gift ideas you can customize with your own treasured photo every Monday. Check out my first top pics! 🙂


My #1 Christmas gift idea, my Large Shoulder bag Tune Tote!

Why you ask? It is one of my top selling favorites. A perfect size that allows room for a number of your personal items, your wallet, makeup bag, bottled water or anything in between. Included is a special pocket for your phone, a zippered pocket for those loose miscellaneous items and another special pocket for just about anything you’d like. It’s completely customizable, you can add a different photo to each side and add a sound module to further enhance the bag with your own special recording of up to 3:00 minutes. Another fun way to show off your treasured photo! Your loved one will absolutely love it!



Christmas gift idea #2, My Cell Phone Covers!

Are you tired of searching for that totally unique cover for your device? What about designing your very own customized with your images that will be reflected cleanly on your personalized case. You can print photos of your friends and family or glam it up with your completely unique design or artwork.
These customized photo Cell phone covers are a great gift idea for that special someone. Another fun way to show off your treasured photo.
Check out the many styles and brands I have to choose from. If you don’t see it in my store, give me a call. I most likely have your brand.



Christmas gift idea #3, My School Bag Backpack!

Kids get particularly excited when they know they are wearing something that no one else has! My photo bag backpacks are a great gift for children, teens, and college students. It can be customized with your child’s name or photo. Make your kids feel extra special coming back to school from Christmas vacation by carrying their very own unique and fun backpack! Another fun way to show off your treasured photo.




 Christmas gift idea #4, My Pullover Hoodie!

Everyone loves a good snugly hoodie to keep them warm and comfy throughout the winter holidays. However it is quite hard to find that perfect one that will be our staple go-to item for any day, so why not create one of your own! Customized with your own treasured photo or artwork. Sleeves and Hood are also customizable in just about color you like. This gift will wow your loved ones!



Come Back next Monday for some more of my Great Customized Christmas gift ideas! 😉

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