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Fashion clothing tips for vintage, classic, modern or eclectic styles

If you are striving for that vintage, classic, modern or eclectic style appearance. Here are a few fashion tips I found on how to achieve this without over doing it.

To achieve a chic vintage fashion style, this consists of adding the right amount of “old” and contemporary basics & trends. Vintage has its special charm, but too much of it can break your look. Well, unless you planned on having that I-transported-from-the-past look!

small flap closure messenger bagOne key accessory (for example a purse or a scarf) is a great way to add a bit of vintage to your outfit. So if you want to show off a fab find you purchased from a vintage or thrift store, wear it as your focal with basic pieces from your wardrobe such as jeans, a simple blazer and a basic white tee. Add a customized photo bag with your own vintage photo for the perfect accessory to complete your vintage look.

A Classic style is the basis of chic fashion that last through the ages and appear flattering on almost anyone. Despite the decade, figure or fashion, classic styles are always a demonstration of truly refined taste.  It has characteristics that appeal to a majority of “neat & tidy” women – especially those who appreciate tailored clothes and classic watchaccessories. Minimalism, Preppy (ie. Loafers) and Elegant (think Chanel-style suit) style are variations of this fashion persona. Classic style also overlaps with Dramatic and Natural. The perfect accessory for that classic look you are trying to achieve, try a chic watch designed especially by you to further enhance your classic style.

How to Get That Bold, Clean Mod Look. Sleek silhouettes. Bold, clean color. A century after modernism first stripped away the unessential, fashion is paring down again. A leather watchfamiliar white button-down and black jersey pencil skirt are reinvented through small tweaks: the shirt’s hidden buttons, Mandarin collar and bib front; the skirt’s diagonal stitching. A slender patent leather belt adds a jolt of color and highlights the narrowest part of the body; skin-tone leather pumps fade away, visually lengthening the legs. By adding your own design in this bold leather watch will further heighten that chic modern look.

Accentuate your eclectic Style With (closet essentials): Printed shoes, printed bags, printed clothing, quirky detailing, vintage-inspired accessories, bold colored footwear, oxford shoes, layers of jewelry, graphic t-shirts, hats, leopard-anything.  Fashion is a self-expressive art form, and there’s nothing wrong dressing eclectic and bold. However, confidence is chain purseeverything if you want to pull it off. You either look good with it or not. So I think it’s important to make sure that you’re comfortable with your eclectic clothing choices (which boils down to really assessing your personal style)   Accessories your own quirky eclectic fashion statement with this fun little chain purse you can design yourself.

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