Personalizing Products Just For You!

We turn your creative imagination into reality

All our products are made-to-order. Tammy’s Tune Totes and Treasures aims to be one of the most fun ways to create your own designs – just add your favorite photo, artwork or image! Once you send us your order, we blast it into the production phase. No matter the source or type of image, we turn your creative imagination into reality on our custom-made products.

Production Starts with Quality Base Products

Because we know that we need to provide our customers with the best base on which to create on, we supply only the best products to match the demand set by our customers.

Most Final Personalization Touches are Done by Hand

The assembly of each product is done with great skill and care in every detail of production along with and including, rhinestone placement where each stone is personally placed by hand as well as the installation of each sound module.

10+ Years of Experience in the Personalized Products Industry

With over 10 years of experience in marketing, customer service and production, we ensure we have adequate resources to support your needs. Furthermore, the extensive research has led to an automated manufacturing process reducing costs that have been passed onto you, our customers.

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