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Basic Questions about TTTT

What are your business hours?

  • 9 am – 5 pm Monday-Friday PST
  • Closed Weekends and most national holidays

What currency do you use?

All transactions are in U.S. dollars.

Where do you sell/ship to? (see Shipping Info for more information)

Only to the USA.

What options are available for payment?

We accept all major credit cards. We use PayPal as our secure payment gateway. Once in PayPal, you will have the option to create or use your PayPal account or check out as a guest.

Where does my credit card information go?

Because I use PayPal as my payment gateway, your credit card information is never stored on my website. PayPal has extremely encrypted, secure servers for storing your information.

Do you charge sales tax?

We collect sales tax from you on transactions shipping to Washington (where I am located), at the current published rate for our shop’s location. We do not collect tax on orders shipping outside Washington. However you may need to pay your state’s use tax, if applicable. For items ordered on the internet, this is typically done annually, usually on your income tax return. (You are responsible for paying your state’s use tax.)

Can we leave reviews?

Yes! We love when our happy customers (and they’re always happy!) log back into their account, go to the product they ordered, and leave a review using the built-in product reviewer = star rating and also text if you’d like to! Thank you in advance for taking that extra step! If you would rather email me with your testimonial, we would love to hear from you using that method too! Just email me at

Questions about the ordering process

How to place an order?

It is not required that you create an account on TTTT, but if you want to return to check on your order, or for ease of use on other return shopping visits, we suggest you create an account. The checkout process will ask if you would like to create an account. A few business days later, you will receive your proof. A proof is a mock-up or preview of your image on the product, to show you cropping, centering, enlarging, etc.  If you need additional proofs beyond the two that are included, there is a $10 charge for each proof (payable in advance). Please also see Graphic Design Services below.

How do I use my coupon code?

If you have a discount coupon code, please apply this in the appropriate area of the checkout page.  Click APPLY and the discounted price will be reflected.

Gift Certificates are applied in the same way, to the Gift Certificate coupon box, and clicking APPLY.

Is it possible to extend a coupon code?

We regret to tell you coupon codes cannot be extended. We run promotions on a regular basis, so we suggest joining our Email List to be kept up to date of upcoming sales and promotions.

How to modify an order?

To cancel or modify your order, you may do so online if you created an account at checkout and your order’s status is still “on hold, pending payment, or processing”. Please contact our Customer Service team at if your status is beyond these statuses. We would like to ask for your understanding that some requests may not be possible due to the nature of our manufacturing process. To ensure efficiency and accuracy, please provide the order number of the item(s).

How do I know if my order went through?

If your order has successfully been entered, you will receive an email confirmation shortly thereafter. Depending on the batching schedule for the credit card payments, it is not uncommon for the charge to show up a few days after you place your order.

How long does it take to process and create my order?

With our team working around the clock, we process your order as quickly as possible. We understand how important it is to deliver your products as soon as we can. In general, orders require 2 to 3 weeks from your submission, until the finished product arrives at your door. Keep in mind there are multiple steps and different levels of customization when dealing with customization such as what we provide. Once we receive your order, we review it for completeness, including the uploaded image(s). Sometimes, even though the software accepts your image as good, my experience might tell me it won’t work for the product you’ve chosen. I would need to contact you to request a new image. Orders paid by check are on hold while an order is on ‘pending payment’ status. After good images, and confirmed payment, I will create a proof that will be emailed to you. The proof must be approved by you via return email before I can continue processing your order. All orders include up to 2 proofs, sent one at a time, as needed. There is a charge for additional proofs ($10/each). The order is then turned over to production where your professional imprint is applied to your product. At this time, we use USPS for all shipments, the majority is shipped via Priority Flat Rate. Allow for shipping time of 1 to 4 days, depending on shipping location.

Questions about Images, and uploading images

Please note that by default, we reserve the right to use your item’s likeness or its image in future marketing, such as social media. If this is unacceptable to you, you must email me at, letting me know your item is not available for potential marketing purposes.

What image type and size should I use for uploading?

Only the following types of files can be used:   JPG, PNG.

The maximum image size that can be imported is 10 MB (10,240 KB) per file. However we recommend trying to keep each file under 8 MB.

Most products list an ideal image size in pixel width and height. Your product will look best if you could try to follow this sizing as best as you can.

Please note that the minimum size accepted is 800 px x 800 px. Low resolution images may print poorly especially if and when enlarged.

Can I see my image previewed on my product during the order process, or afterwards?

No, and yes. You won’t see a preview during the order process (our software can’t do that, yet!), but you will receive 2 proofs – one at a time as needed, at no charge. You will be required to approve your proof via email before the order can be further processed. A proof is a mock-up or preview of your image on the product, to show you cropping, centering, enlarging, etc.  If you need additional proofs beyond the two that are included, there is a $10 charge for each proof (payable in advance). Please also see Graphic Design Services below.

If you are not tech-savvy at all, and need to MAIL your printed images to be scanned here at the shop, indicate this in the Notes section during checkout. Or a friend could possibly digitize your print for you.

Can I add the same image to the backside of my product?

Yes, if your chosen product has this option. If you product has the option for front and back, you can use the same image or different for each side.

Can I put multiple images on one side of a bag?

Yes, but it must come to me as one file, one image. A photo editing program, like Adobe PhotoShop, can combine several photos into one image that is at least 1024 x 768 pixels or greater and we will gladly print it on a product for you. Some smartphone or tablets have proprietary software or third-party apps that could achieve this for you as well. Save the file as a .jpg or .png file and upload it. Also see my Graphic Design Services below if you need help in this area.

Will my finished TTTT product appear exactly as shown in the proof sent to me?

Due to the handcrafted products and materials used, TTTT does not guarantee exact image placement (within less than 1/2″) on the product as it appears in the preview.

Can I submit ANY image?

No. We reserve the right to decline any images that contain what is perceived to be illegal or pornographic. Other than that, you may submit any image for printing on a Tammy’s Tune Totes and Treasures (TTTT) product (a) that is not subject to any copyright or other proprietary rights restrictions; or (b) with respect to which the owner or licensor has given express authorization for you to have the image printed on commercial articles for your personal use . Any copyrighted image you submit with the consent of a copyright owner should include a notation such as “Copyright, owned by [name of owner]; used by permission”. Please note that the unauthorized use of copyrighted images is illegal and could subject you to civil and criminal liability. You will be liable for and must indemnify TTTT from any damage resulting from any infringement of copyrights or other proprietary rights, or from any other harm arising from your unauthorized submission and use of an image on TTTT products. By ordering any TTTT products you confirm that you own the rights to the image(s) or have obtained relevant permission(s) to use the image(s) prior to submitting your order.

How are images made and how durable are they?

Designs are imprinted using an advance heat sublimation technique into the fabric. This sublimation technique embeds the image into the fabric with results that is an extremely clear image that will not fade, crack or peel.

Are images removable?

No, images are not removable. Images are actually “baked” into the fabric (sublimation process). This sublimation process actually embeds the image into the fabric.

Graphic Design Services

Not everyone is a photo or image wizard. So for those who need it, I offer graphic design services at $25/hour. An example of these services include optimizing photos, cropping, creating collages, creating 2 or 3 different layouts for you to choose from, and more. You will still receive your 2 free proofs for official review. Additional proofs after the first 2 are $10 each (payable in advance).

Starting the whole layout process after a proof has been sent goes back to graphic design services rates.

Product Information

How do I keep my TTTT products clean?

For regular cleaning maintenance for purses, go over your TTTT handbag with a lint brush. For fabric product, you should apply Scotchguard or a similar product that will repel moisture and water when you first receive the bag. For further cleaning, please use a damp soft towel with warm soapy water to remove dirt from the bag. For leather products, we recommend a leather conditioner to extend the life and preserve the natural beauty and character of the leather.

Where do I find information on programming my sound module?

 You can find the directions at our Sound Module Instruction page.

Last Revision Date: 6/20/2023